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Administrative Audit Officer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2023/10/25 10:44:01 Expires 2024-03-20 Ref: JB1100040581

Job Description

·         Conducts review and audit of various issues in accordance with the agreed action plan, pre-established activity schedule and determined time frame.

·         Serves as a team leader to visit different Hospital Departments to check their compliance with the policies and procedures.

·         Coordinates with Department Heads to ensure compliance with recommendations.

·         Conducts round inspections according to approved plan to different Hospital Departments to observe and identify any deficiency or negligence, and work with the concerned Department Heads to rectify such deficiencies and provides suggestion to avoid such practice in the future in coordination with auditing and internal reviews scope of responsibilities.

·         Prepares a report of all administrative audit performance, accomplishment, and issues that have been concluded/ achieved and the recommendations.

·         Follows-up on reviewed issue to ensure compliance/ achievement of corrective actions.

·         Prepares a quarterly and yearly report of all audit performance during the period of the report.

·         Identifies the misuse of resources and provide appropriate solution and ways to avoid those misuses from happening in the future.

·         Reviews contracts and agreements signed by the Hospital Administration to ensure their accuracy and compliance to contract condition. 

·         Performs all duties in a professional, effective and confidential manner.

·         Performs all other duties as required or assigned.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Education/ Licensure:
    •      Bachelor’s Degree in Hospital/ Business Administration or related equivalent from an accredited university (Essential).
    •     Master’s Degree in Hospital/ Business Administration or related equivalent from an accredited university (Desirable).
  • Professional Experience:
    •      Minimum of Two (2) years’ experience working in an administrative auditing/ quality control role or in an equivalent related position that requires collection and analysis of data (Essential).
    •    Minimum of one (1) year working experience in healthcare facility/ hospital setting (Desirable).

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